A Walk on the Moon

Friday, February 23 at Midnight ET / 9pm PT


It is the summer of 1969. The Apollo mission is on its way to the moon. The war in Vietnam – and the war against it at home – are raging. Flower power is in, the Establishment is out. Yet life hasn’t changed one bit for Pearl Kantrowitz, a beautiful, young housewife who feels that these catalytic times are passing her by. This summer, while others are on their way to march in Washington and to find enlightenment in India, Pearl is en route to Dr. Fogler’s Bungalows, a Catskills summer resort where Sinatra, keeping Kosher and kvellhing are the order of the day. But what lies ahead is her own season of sensuous discovery and tumultuous changes. In this summer of love, the Kantrowitz family is about to discover exactly what love means. (1998)

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