Admittedly, Cold Feet’s Fay Ripley Has Had Some Really Bad Jobs



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When we see an actor or actress starring in a series we love, we don’t always think about the path that led to such a point. Sure, we may do a little research to find out what this individual previously starred in, but chances are we won’t be privy to the early, embarrassing jobs that – surprisingly – got the ball rolling.

On “Cold Feet,” we know Fay Ripley as Jenny, an outspoken, yet compassionate and comedic woman navigating through family life, social struggles and career changes. But, before Ripley found fame on “Cold Feet” following its 1997 debut, her acting resume was pretty slim.

During an interview with the Mirror, Ripley reflected on the first ever acting job she took. As you might imagine, it was definitely not a glamorous experience.

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“I was Miss Chief The Clown, a children’s party entertainer. I had some slightly dramatic things happen,” remembered Ripley. “I was stopped and searched at the airport dressed as her as they looked for drugs stuffed in Sooty’s head. They even took the stuffing out of Harry the Hedgehog in case he was a drugs mule. I cried.

“I was also under suspicion of a massive burglary, set up for an insurance job – the police thought the clown did it,” she continued. “Jewellery went missing and they turned up to search my house, but they’d buried the stuff in the garden.”

As rattling of an experience as that must have been, it was by no means the worst job to be held by Ripley.

“I’ve had loads of bad jobs,” noted the actress. “I’ve sold shirts door-to-door, sold time shares in the high street. I used to lie and tell people we were making an advert – as long as I got them up the stairs I’d get a tenner for it.”

-Adam Grant

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This week on “Cold Feet” (Wednesday, November 29 at 10pm ET/7pm PT), Adam seizes the opportunity to spend the night away from Tina in the name of teambuilding – but finishes up getting more than he bargained for.

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