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On “Cold Feet,” Robert Bathurst’s character, David, is a mighty interesting fellow who also seems to have a lot going on – not always for the better.

In season six, David saw his life crumble thanks to shady business dealings that landed him in a state of professional, financial and legal peril. Add to that the end of his most recent marriage and jealously over Karen’s love life, and David went through quite the rough stretch.

As for season seven, it’s still too early to see how calm or choppy the waters will ultimately be for David. Once again, however, it appears as if his new business and romantic interests are just as potentially combustible as those he previously experienced.

Funnily enough, in a recent interview with The Scotsman, Bathurst was put on the spot with a request to explain to readers what David actually does for a living.

Cold Feet - S7

“Do you know, I’m not really very sure,” replied Bathurst. “There was one episode where I sang a nursery song to one of my children, ‘Bye Bye Baby Bunting, daddy’s management consulting…’ so we think that was it, but I don’t really know what David does for a living. He’s sort of in the financial world.”

Continued Bathurst: “He was originally a sort of ex-yuppie. When we first saw him in 1996, we had been through 11 years of Maggie and he was a creation of that. Those characters aren’t meant to have a chink of humanity, so you’re surprised when David does, albeit he gets it wrong. He comes from a milieu that is bent on perfection, yet he’s wholly flawed so people enjoy that.”

Cold Feet - S7

In terms of how Bathurst portrays David, those on the outside looking in should marvel at the actor’s ability to transition his character from the self-assured businessman, to someone who struggles to find new, comfortable footing as a middle-aged man. Vulnerability is shown, as is willingness to fight back and not let life topple him.

What’s especially fascinating here is that Bathurst does all this without being completely connected to every little particle of David.

“I love playing [David], but I don’t really have a view on him,” explained Bathurst in a chat with the Telegraph. “I don’t see him through myself. I’m sure there are instincts and judgments and colour you give it which inevitably has something to do with me, but I don’t do that consciously. Nor do I worry if I’ll be judged in relation to the character.”

-Adam Grant

Cold Feet - S7

This week on “Cold Feet” (Wednesday, November 15 at 10pm ET/7pm PT): Reeling from Matt’s revelation, Adam’s attempt to right his son’s wrongs doesn’t go quite according to plan. Heartbroken and angry, Karen is on the warpath. 

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