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Which Walton Are You Quiz

Do you wonder what makes certain television shows, like “The Waltons,” so loved and enduring? There are many factors, of course, including a show’s ability to connect with its viewers. Now, this can be done in many ways, but what really helps a series go a long way is its ability to create and present characters that audience members can relate to.


With “The Waltons,” perhaps you see yourself as the good-natured, hard-working and brave head of the household, John Walton Sr. Maybe you’re a thoughtful, artistic sort like John-Boy. Perhaps you operate with the gentle, yet tough-when-need-be demeanour of Olivia.

The Waltons

Considering that “The Waltons” originally ran for nine seasons and spawned numerous TV movies, it’s fair to say that audiences felt a tight bond with the characters and personalities featured in the series. It’s also that connection that keeps bringing the show back to places like VisionTV.

With all of that in mind, we thought it’d be enjoyable for you to participate in this quiz to find out which Waltons character best matches your personality!

“We were very lucky, we really loved each other,” commented actress Michael Learned (Olivia) when discussing the Waltons cast in a 2015 interview with Cinephiled. “I think you can’t fake that kind of thing. I mean, maybe you can if you’re very good actors but it’s hard because you’re spending 14 hours a day with each other and if you’re not getting along, it’s really rough.”

The Waltons

She continued: “Someone asked me [recently] if I had any pictures of the Walton kids at my own wedding. I wasn’t sure but I looked in my photo album and, of course, there they were! During the ceremony when they said, ‘Who gives this woman to this man?’ my kids and the Walton kids all stood up and said, ‘We do!’”

“The Waltons” airs Monday-Friday at 5pm ET/2pm PT on VisionTV, immediately following “Little House on the Prairie.”

Have fun with this quiz below and please be sure to share your results!

-Adam Grant

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