Arthur & George: Snapshots of Suspense from Episode 3



Arthur & George: Snapshots of Suspense E3

As much as he’s stuck already stuck his neck out to establish that George Edalji is not in fact the Wyrley Ripper, Arthur is in need of further convincing from the man whose name he is hoping to clear. After a few more pointed questions and eyeballing numerous possessions belonging to George, Arthur feels reassured and takes his unofficial investigation up a notch.

Through a connect-the-dots mission with Woodie, Arthur believes to have finally figured out the identity of the man who relentlessly butchered innocent animals and allowed George to take the fall. Many individuals he’s encountered reference a young man nicknamed Speck, someone who had a troubled childhood that led to odd and at times violent behaviour.

Arthur and Woodie are led to what’s believed to be Speck’s residence. Accompanying them is Harry Bostock, someone who has an intimate knowledge of that neighbourhood and has ties to many locals – he was also a classmate of George and Speck. Once on the scene, a suspicious knife is discovered, later followed by a room packed with dead animal parts. More than ever, Arthur is convinced that they’ve found the Wryley Ripper.

Unfortunately, a wrench is thrown into Arthur’s theory when Speck is found hanging from a noose. While it momentarily appears as if the prime suspect had taken his life to avoid persecution, it’s soon believed that perhaps Speck is not the prime culprit.

Later, Arthur is informed of another child that Speck went to school with – a child whose name couldn’t be remembered, but was said to be a negative influence on him. Along with Harry and George, Arthur and Woodie visit the children’s old school and begins examining records. As it turns out, Harry was this negative influence. Found out, Harry makes a run for it.

Arthur eventually catches up to Harry and the two engage in a spirited battle that is interrupted by Woodie and the wallops he gives the new suspect. Within moments, it’s learned that Harry committed the crimes and framed George for them out of jealousy. Harry was upset about George becoming the teacher’s pet, which eventually led to him no longer being the classroom’s shining star – something that drastically altered his life’s course.

During a contentious exchange Harry charges at George, which leads to the two toward what could be a fatal fall. However, George grabs a rope to keep him from hitting the ground. As Arthur works to hold onto George, Harry winds up falling to his death.

With the case now closed, Arthur is excited about moving forward in life by marrying Jean Leckie. As for George, his life is soon put back onto the right track with word that he’ll once again be able to pursue a career as a solicitor. Of course, this leaves George feeling grateful and looking like a 1,000 boulder fell off his back.

In the photo gallery below, we have shared some of the most memorable sights from the final episode of the stunning, three-part miniseries, “Arthur & George.”

-Adam Grant

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