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Poll: Canadians Have Big-Time Respect for Queen Elizabeth II



Queen Elizabeth II

While Queen Elizabeth II may be geographically far removed from Canada, a new poll conducted by the Angus Reid Institute (AGI) suggests that Her Royal Majesty remains close to the hearts of Canadians.

When Canadians were asked which five words they would most use to describe Queen Elizabeth II, ‘respected’ was the word most used (67%), followed by ‘influential’ (39%), ‘strong’ (39%), ‘hardworking’ (29%) and ‘ethical’ (24%.) Unfortunately for her son – and heir to the throne – Prince Charles, the word most-used to describe him was ‘boring’ (40%.) As for the third in line to the throne, Prince William, ‘respected’ was also the word best connected to him (47%.)

Offers AGI: “It may be argued that most of the positive attributes chosen for the monarch reflect her longevity and perceived sense of duty: strength, hard work, ethics and influence also come to mind when Canadians think of the Queen. She is also viewed as compassionate.”

As for whether or not Canadians should continue to recognize Elizabeth as their Queen, 64% supported that notion. Those in Saskatchewan are the biggest supporters of this idea (78%), while those in Quebec are less enthusiastic about it (42%.)

Naturally, another question that came up was whether or not Canadians support or oppose the idea of recognizing Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles and Prince William as a monarch. The Queen received strong support from male and female Canadians (59% and 69%, respectively), while Prince Charles was closer to a 50/50 split. As for Prince William, he received 69% support from female Canadians and 57% from males.

Queen Graph

One subject that was far murkier than others was if “Canada should remain a constitutional monarchy over the long-term.” Here, only 42% of Canadians like this idea, while 38% don’t and 20% are not sure.

“Take personalities out of the equations and views on the long-term visibility of the monarchy as a Canadian institution are more tepid,” notes AGI before revealing that 37% of Canadians would support the Prime Minister becoming head of state, and head of government, if Canada was no longer a monarchy.

In addition to high-praise for Queen Elizabeth II, this Angus Reid Institute poll also proved the affection the public has for Prince William. If given the option, Canadians would most rather see him reach the throne, than his father.

“Given the public relations black eyes the House of Windsor received in the generation preceding him,” says AGI, “Royal courtiers are vigorously leveraging the goodwill Prince William and his wife Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge generate.”

Considering the mesmerizing trip Prince William and Kate Middleton recently took to India – and the ray of light it brought to an avid fan and restaurateur – it’s hard not to root for his ascent.

On April 21, Queen Elizabeth II will celebrate her 90th birthday! In honour of that momentous occasion, VisionTV will be airing an esteemed collection of Royals programming on Tuesday, April 19. (See the listings below.)

For more coverage surrounding Queen Elizabeth II’s 90th birthday, visit our friends at Everything Zoomer today!

-Adam Grant

“Cameraman to the Queen” – 9pm ET/6pm PT

“Cameraman to the Queen” offers fascinating insight into the work of royal cameraman Peter Wilkinson, someone who has been present at the Queen’s public engagements for 18 years. This documentary highlights his unique relationship with the monarch and captures his work during a state visit by the Chinese president, at a royal garden party at Buckingham Palace, on a visit by the Queen to Essex, and in Scotland on the momentous day when the she became the longest-serving monarch in British history.” 

Cameraman to the Queen

“Great War House: Blenheim Palace” – 10pm ET/7pm PT

“Downton Abbey” creator and writer Julian Fellowes is on a mission to find the true stories behind the greatest of Britain’s houses. He aims to uncover the personal stories hidden behind the walls and discovers that these are not just places for posh people to live in – they hold the history of all of us.

Great WWI Houses with Julian Fellowes - Blenheim Palace

“The Queen” – Midnight ET/9pm PT

After the death of Princess Diana, Queen Elizabeth II struggles with her reaction to a sequence of events nobody could have predicted. Helen Mirren, Michael Sheen and James Cromwell star in “The Queen.”

The Queen

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