Poldark Poll S1E2: Was Verity Right to Believe in Captain James Blamey?



Poldark Poll S1E2

At the age of 25, kind-hearted Verity Poldark (Ruby Bentall) is at her family’s beck and call. Living under the thumb of father Charles (Warren Clarke) and brother Francis (Kyle Soller), Verity has resigned herself to a life of handling household duties and not gallivanting in glorious circles, even though she quietly longs for a better life.

In her cousin Ross (Aidan Turner), Verity finds an ally that’s positively unlike Charles and Francis. Ross sees her as an equal, not someone who should be destined to days of preparing meals and doing dishes. Shortly after his return to Cornwall, Verity has interest in attending a ball at the Assembly Rooms and needs an escort. Ross, true to form, obliges despite his disinterest in such events.

As the evening unfolds, Verity catches the eye of Captain James Blamey (Richard Harrington), a mysterious seaman that quickly develops a passion for the young Poldark. He wishes to build a relationship with Verity and eventually marry her.

“She’s my angel of redemption,” explains James when discussing his appreciation for Verity.

However, James’ checkered past is soon brought to light and out comes the news that he killed his first wife. Verity, who could’ve easily run for the hills after hearing this, instead chooses to believe James’ explanation that his wife’s death was not intentional.

Unfortunately for Verity, Charles and Francis are less understanding of James’ past and endeavour to keep him away from her. This attempt at policing the matter leads to an escalated encounter between James and Francis, leaving the latter with a life-threatening bullet wound. James departs shortly thereafter, even though it’s tough to believe he won’t be back again for Verity at some point.

With all of this in mind, do you think Verity was right to trust in James even after she learned about the fate of his previous wife?

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-Adam Grant

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